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On a chIlly Saturday night time in New York City, Skirt Club, "an underground community for ladies who play with ladies," threw a prohibition-themed play (examine: intercourse) birthday party to celebrate the anniversary of their founding. I went, came, and had the time of my lifestyles.

Geneviève LeJeune commenced Skirt Club in London in 2014, to fill a void she noticed in the current play party scene as a bisexual woman. After attending co-ed play parties together with her former associate, she faced roadblocks (or more without a doubt, cockblocks) at the same time as seeking to use the activities to play with one-of-a-kind girls. "I felt that my bisexuality become very loads a manner for him to leverage his way to having threesomes,” says LeJeune. (#beenthere.)

While there are certainly co-ed play parties centered on schooling and consent in which human beings of all genders behave themselves, LeJeune wanted to create a participants-most effective network wherein girls might also want to satisfy, test, and characteristic intercourse with other ladies a ways away from the eyes, hands, and erect genitals of men. Prior to attending the prohibition birthday celebration, I had attended a in addition play birthday celebration. It turned into co-ed, however happily inside a community primarily based mostly on consent, so nobody attempted any funny enterprise. Still, I only watched. This time round, I become captivated with the opportunity to satisfy and play with other girls, as, like ...

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