Man Laurence Taylor took out a full page advert in The Metro to clear up all the "rubbish" being spread about the impact of immigrants

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now not sure in case you've heard, however Britain's eu Referendum takes vicinity the next day. The united states will finally get to decide on the lengthy-debated problem: should we stay or ought to we cross?

you could read more approximately the intricacies of the talk right here, however within the interim, one "fed up" guy - Laurence Taylor - decided to clear up one precise problem: immigration.

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Immigration is perhaps one of the most contentious problems of the complete Brexit discussion, with lots of those vote casting to go away believing that the free motion of people across the ecu Union is to blame for placing strain at the country's resources; whilst lots of those in the stay camp suppose this is an unfounded accusation.

And as with most political issues, there is loads of phrase of mouth and therefore blended messages happening, so Laurence decided - impartially wherein the Brexit referendum is worried - to lay out the facts as they're.

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but how ought to he try this, ensuring sufficient people would pay attention? Nicely, he may want to take out a complete web page in the national morning newspaper The Metro the usage of his own money, couldn't he? And that's exactly what he did.

His design for the advert became a quite minimalistic method:

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within the center of the page was a pie chart supposed to signify everything of the United Kingdom's population. On the pinnacle, a tiny slither of that pie (0.Five%, to be unique) changed into coloured in, representing the 330,000 the migrants that come to this usa each 12 months, as compared with the existing 64.6 million populace.

And beneath the chart, a easy declaration: "Why cannot we address a 0.5%/12 months rise in population?" and in a barely smaller font: "Too many migrants or failure of government?"

In tiny font at the bottom of the page, the mysterious Laurence defined his reasons for taking away the ad.

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He wrote: "Paid for out of my own pocket because i am fed up with the garbage being mentioned immigration. Vote stay or go away, as much as you, but do it based totally on statistics not fear" and then delivered a smiley face at the stop.

What a guy. 4 for you, Laurence Taylor.

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